James Inhofe

Sanctuary cities cause mass shootings

Tara Golshan: So you are just saying it’s [gun violence] not something that Congress can solve or even work toward?

Senator James Inhofe: There’s a cultural problem. There are a lot of problems in this country having to do with permissiveness. Having to do with — what about all these states that have laws that protect people who break laws? I mean, the cities that support [a culture of permissiveness] — that is something that certainly has a profound impact on people’s behavior. You can go ahead and break a law and you can come to a sanctuary city, and they wouldn’t enforce the laws.

Golshan: So you’re saying the presence of sanctuary cities is perpetuating the culture of the Las Vegas shooting?

Inhofe (talking over question: I’m saying we’re inundated with permissive laws — that has a lot more to do with it than gun [ownership] laws. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.

– Republican Senator James Inhofe, October 3, 2017, blaming immigrants and sanctuary cities for mass shootings two days after a white man shot hundreds of people, killing 58, in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is not a sanctuary city (or county; or state)